Father's Day Special Article

- For Fathers who Take it Seriously -

1, Serious About His Tea



HAKUSAN PORCELAIN is one of the stylish ceramic producer in Japan. Leaded by the world known ceramic designer Masahiro Mori, their designs are simple and very sophisticated yet it is design to fit your everyday life.

This Tea Dobin set will suits with other tableware well. It is very simple design but very elegant. The design that won’t fade and you can use them for long time.

It’s not only about the look. If you look closely, the end of spout is well calculated as the angle gives easy to pour the tea without dripping.

Natural wood color handle add the warms to the pot but also it never gets hot as the heat does not continue to the handle.

This is perfect gift for father who loves his tea. →PRODUCTS PAGE

2, Serious About His Sake



This wonderful glass which has been blown and shaped by experienced craftsman one by one. This series of glassware ‘tsugaru vidro’ manufactured at northern part of Japan where they used to make glass float for commercial fishing. Their design comes from the surrounding nature, color changing seasons.

This glass cup ‘mist with gold’ it gives impression of thin grey color on the glass like mist covering the morning lake and gold spots like the stars in the sky. Being handmade goes well with the wooden, ceramic bamboo interiors and table wares.

Pouring good SAKE into this glass is like two good craftsman collaborating together. Sit back and enjoy the message from the craftsman.

The glass comes in timber box. Spoil your father with this fantastic glass. →PRODUCT  PAGE 

3, Serious About Cooking



Heard about slow cooking? How about slow eating?

This Japanese BBQ cooking ware ‘Shichirin’ known also as 'Hibachi' is unique in many ways.

It is made by curving diatomite block (there are cheaper one that is made from molding diatomite powder). Diatomite creates far infrared ray when you are cooking with coals. It allows the ingredient to cook through without burning the surface of the ingredients. Also with good coal such as ‘binchotan’ the heat stay the same temperature for long time.

Cooking your favorite ingredient one at the time with your favorite drink, that’s the way to enjoy ‘Shichirin’. When the bottle is finished and your appetite is full you can stop cooking. You will only use ingredient that you eat so no waste.

But most important thing for ‘Shichrin’ is you eat slow with simple cooking.

You will appreciate the ingredients more and also you can taste the ingredients themselves.

Have a relaxed Sunday afternoon and enjoy slow eating with ‘Shichirin’.→PRODUCTS PAGE