1. Choose a product and add to cart.

 If you like to have the item gift wrapped, please add the gift wrap in the cart as well.


2. Proceed to checkout process.

Check your order is all correct.

In this first page there is a box "Notes about this order" in the bottom.

If you have chosen more than one items and like to have some items gift wrapped,  please instruct which products to be gift wrapped in the field.


Proceed to next page pressing "next step" button.



3. Enter the Billing and Shipping Address

Enter your billing & shipping address and details. This will be a shipping address if other shipping address is not provided.

If you like to send the product to a different address to yours, please tick the box on top right corner for other shipping address, and fill in the details. 




4. Proceed to Payment

Please proceed to payment. We use PayPal system but you can still use your credit card for the payment.  Please proceed to next step and you will be led to PayPal system.  



4. Pay with PayPal

You do not have to be a PayPal member. You can pay with PayPal Guest Checkout using your credit card. If you have your PayPal account you can login and pay from your account.

Once you have completed the payment, you will be led back to our website.




5. Order complete

You will receive an automatic order confirmation email from us soon.

 If you don't receive any email, please contact us.