Sencha (general green tea): tea leaves are grown under direct sunlight until they are harvested. This Sencha was steamed through “fukamushi” method in which tea leaves are deeply steamed in its initial stage for a longer period. Fukamushi prevents oxidation of the leaves and partially breaks them into very small crumbs. The result is a medium bodied tea with bright yellow green colour and mellow flavour. Contains catechin, an antioxidant that helps reduce cholesterol.


Net ; 80g


COLOR: Light yellow green

AROMA: Intense, sweet and leafy

FLAVOUR: Mildly astringent, mellow sweetness


AFTERTASTE: Deep, long-lasting green




Organic teas are made from plants grown free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.


But why choose organic? While it is true that some pesticides and fertilizers are removed during tea processing, many of these chemicals are water soluble... which means that they are in the leaf structure and they are removed from the tea leaves during steeping. When you drink an organic tea, you get nothing but pure flavors, aroma and all its healthy nutrients. Safe for you and the environment! 




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