(Japanese Incense and Bamboo Diffuser)


Riraku specializes in Japanese scents containing the blessings of nature.


High quality Japanese low smoke incense made with carefully selected materials.

The incense has a unique sweet and elegant aroma,

and the soothing Japanese fragrance brings a feeling of relief and relaxation.


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Anytime, anywhere



As burning time is as short as 12 min, you can use it to refresh and relax yourself. 





Enjoy the lingering aroma


Incense usually leaves a lingering aroma after it burns out. It would be good to start burning your incense 30 minbefore your guests arrives.


Reduce indoor humidity


When the weather is too humid, we would recommend to use incense to reduce the humidity indoors. That would refresh your room.

I love Japanese sake

Bring your favourite aroma indoors

in your room every day


If you want to enjoy the  same fragrance, and reed diffusers would be a good idea. They do not require burning and disperse scent into the air naturally. They last for a month.


Good as interior decoration,

especially Wa(Japanese) style.


They offer a home a wonderful fragrance but also oriental-looking home accents. You can match the colour of the sticks with your room interior. 


Perfect as a gift


The pretty appearance makes it a good gift.

This gentle Wa style of aroma will be loved by any generation.